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How to Identify and Fix Pump Cavitation

  Cavitation is not a new phenomenon that impacts a pump system, but it is an issue that occurs far too often. If you’ve passed by a pump and heard what sounds like rocks or marbles going through it, this noise is internal cavitation. Pump cavitation occurs as a...

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Utility Demand Charges & 3 Ways to Offset Them

Commercial and industrial electricity bills depend on a number of factors including demand charges. Understanding these variables can prevent surprises and improve site energy efficiency. Utility Bill Basics Most commercial and industrial sites have utility bills that...

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Free Cooling and HVAC Optimization

Free cooling refers to any technique used to reduce the energy consumed by cooling systems, or the time that the cooling units run, by using the outside temperature of air or water to cool the facility. Generally, it comes from the use of air-side and water-side...

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What is a Zero Energy Building Anyway?

The current use of the term “zero energy building” may make it sound like a building literally has zero energy consumption but in reality, a zero energy building is one which produces as much energy as it uses over the course of a year.     Most Net Zero...

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4 Ways to Optimize Data Center Cooling

  Storing, moving, processing, and analyzing data all require tremendous amounts of energy.  Efficient data center cooling is therefore a critical component of greening these energy-intensive sites. So what are the best ways to optimize data center cooling?  Make...

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