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4 Ways to Optimize Cooling Tower Performance

Manufacturing companies spend billions of dollars each year for the fuel and electricity that keep their facilities running. Energy saving products, designs and systems are more widely available than ever before. However, with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning...

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Managing Energy Costs in Colleges and Universities

The average 50,000 ft2 higher ed campus building consumes more than $100,000 worth of energy each year. Lighting, ventilation, and cooling equipment consume the most electricity. As a result, these areas are among the best targets for finding energy savings....

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How to Optimize Chiller Performance

There have been numerous studies demonstrating that regular maintenance extends the life of HVAC equipment and chillers are no exception. Maintained property, water cooled chillers will run over twenty years and air-cooled chillers will last up to sixteen or seventeen...

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3 Major Sources of HVAC Energy Savings in Hospitals

Hospitals consume significantly more energy than other buildings and facilities of similar size. The average 200,000 ft2 facility spends about $13,600 per bed, or roughly $680,000 annually, on energy costs. Why so much? Operating twenty-four hours a day, thousands of...

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Financing Energy Projects in K-12

K-12 schools spend around $6 billion on energy annually, making energy the second-highest operating expenditure for schools after personnel costs – more money than is spent on textbooks and computers combined. Ensuring that lighting, indoor air quality and other needs...

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