• Typical Approach

      Make enough cold water only on a design day


    • tekWorx Approach

      Meet demand every day at the lowest kW/ton

The CEO® : Control Engine Optimization Solutions
for any Chiller Plant


      The CEO® family of solutions use adaptive control algorithms to continuously monitor critical system parameters in real-time and automatically adapt online operation. The result: the most efficient combination of equipment is always working at its most efficient point.


      CEO® XpressCEO® Pro Series
      Plant has up to 3 water-cooled or 6 air-cooled chillersComplex system with large tonnage/chiller quantity
      Straightforward mechanical configuration, BAS and communicationInterested in design assistance with mechanical, control or communications architecture
      No design or configuration assistance is neededAn assessment or study is required for funding
      New construction project or retrofit project with well-defined specProject involves retrofit of existing system or upgrade

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