Pharmaceutical Plant Optimization Saves $542,000, Earns $250,000 Utility Rebate

Pharmaceutical Plant Optimization Saves $542,000, Earns $250,000 Utility Rebate

tekWorx solutions utilizes existing infrastructure for increased system efficiency and savings

Facility Bio

  • Irvine, CA
  • Three variable speed chillers and two constant speed chillers totaling 6,300 tons capacity
  • Distributed campus load with five secondary cooling zones
  • 11.5 cents blended utility rate


  • Installed capacity not achievable due to hydronic issues, load shedding required on high wet bulb temperature days
  • Enthalpy-driven cooling load
  • Chillers run when outdoor air could meet space temperature and RH requirements
  • Modifications over time created system and equipment imbalances
  • BAS control system functional, but did not provide optimization


  • Convert to full variable flow operation
  • Integrate supervisory Control Engine Optimization (CEO®) with existing BAS
  • Reset CHW supply temperature based on enthalpy
  • Efficiency-based chiller sequencing to improve utilization and performance
  • Reset zone DP setpoints to minimize flow and pump power

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

Financial Savings

  • $542,000 annual utility cost savings
  • $250,000 utility rebate
  • Just under a 6-month payback with the rebate

Energy Impact

  • >4,700,000 kWh saved annually

Operational Benefits

  • Improved automation means less manual intervention
  • Improved CHW temperature control reduces reheat load and cost
  • Improved equipment utilization increases system redundancy
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