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The ENERGY STAR® Summit: 3 Key Learnings for Industrial Organizations

As an Industrial ENERGY STAR partner, tekWorx commits to providing energy efficiency solutions for companies of all sizes and helping them meet their energy usage and sustainability goals through chilled water plant optimization.ENERGY STAR

At our recent ENERGY STAR Energy Industrial Partner meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, several themes and opportunities emerged:

Energy efficiency intersects with reliability

Attaining – and then maintaining energy efficiency – is the focal point of public policy and corporate goals to save money and reduce environmental consumption. With focused efforts, significant achievements can be made. For example, if the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings improved by 10 percent, $40 billion in cost savings could be achieved.1

Achieving energy efficiency also accomplishes another key goal for companies: system reliability. Reducing demand ensures supply adequacy by reducing the base load, the amount of energy required to be supplied and the peak power demand. By reducing the load and stress in the power distribution network, it enhances the system’s security and decreases the probability of failures. Businesses need reliability to work hand-in-hand with cost savings

Benchmarking drives success

With benchmarking, corporate leaders can rank their facilities’ performance versus their peers. But more importantly, use the information they’ve gathered to drive action.

The EPA found in a recent study that buildings that benchmarked consistently found ways to drive results – delivering reduced energy usage rates of 2.4 percent per year on average – for a total savings of 7 percent. Buildings starting with poor energy efficiency when they started benchmarking realize even more energy and cost savings.

ENERGY STAR offers benchmarking tools for 21 types of facilities. These tools gauge performance on a scale of 1 to 100. Facilities that receive a low score should initiate an energy audit to discover ways to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. In addition to ENERGY STAR’s tools, tekWorx offers comprehensive, complementary chiller plant optimization evaluations that can demonstrate how companies can cut energy costs up to 50 percent.

Energy management is a strategic program

Long-term energy savings success depends on creating a culture of energy efficiency. Implementing
a straegic management energy program at your company will build the foundation and map the path to success.

Here's a guide for continuous improvement in energy savings
Your guide for continuous improvement

ENERGY STAR created a full step-by-step program guide to help companies design what energy management looks like for their organizations. ENERGY STAR consolidated the best practices of its partner organizations, like tekWorx. Creating an energy program doesn’t necessarily require an initial capital investment. After you’ve built the roadmap, you can start working through no-cost and low-cost opportunities while you’re working to secure capital for larger projects.

For chiller plant optimization, turn to tekWorx and our unique blend of Approachable Expertise® as your industrial ENERGY STAR partner. Our solutions increase operational efficiency and reduce energy costs. Our pragmatic and available experts partner with our clients to deliver results.

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Discover how tekWorx provides cost savings, energy efficiencies and operational benefits, read our online case studies. Then contact us to discuss how we can put our Approachable Expertise® to work for your company.

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1 U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings program. March 19, 2015.

* Estimated energy cost savings represent the present value of net energy cost savings, calculated by taking the difference between total energy bill savings and the incremental additional investment in energy-efficient technologies and services.

When Approachable + Expertise Doesn’t Equal an Oxymoron

When you’re looking for an expert, you want to work with the Einsteins of the industry. But what happens when you get an Einstein who can’t explain their innovations or play nicely with your operators?

When it comes to chilled water systems, tekWorx offers a unique blend of Approachable Expertise®, increasing operational efficiency and reducing energy costs while partnering clients with pragmatic and available experts.

The tekWorx team of experienced engineers constantly delivers customized solutions and services, but their dedication doesn’t stop there. They pride themselves on being accessible and collaborative during all the phases of chilled water plant optimization projects, on plants small and large.

Our chilled water optimization process and expertise:

  1. Qualify & Quantify Through an online or on-site System Energy Assessment (SEA), our engineers thoroughly review your chilled water system’s infrastructure, operating history and equipment to provide a detailed energy payback analysis.
  2. Flexible Design & Installation We don’t believe a one-size-fits-all solution can truly optimize a plant. Instead, our team designs a solution utilizing your existing equipment and unique layout and tekWorx adaptive control algorithms to ensure continuous, real-time efficiency.
  3. Monitor & Verify Our work doesn’t end with system installation and startup. After comprehensive operator training, remote communication and monitoring capabilities allow our engineers to be available at all times.

tekWorx solutions are easily integrated into plants of all types – pharmaceutical sites, automotive plants, telecom centers, hospitals, college campuses and more – and all mechanical configurations.

See how we cut cooling costs by 40% and earned a $800,000 utility rebate for an auto plant, all while providing superior support and service.

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HVAC: Opening Our Eyes in Mission Critical Environments

Opening eyes-resized-600

Imagine walking into a hospital and being asked the question: “What do you observe around you?” It’s a noticeably pristine environment filled with people hurrying around the building. There is the constant sound of beepers, ringing phones, and distant conversations of medical terminology. The air is open and sterile, carrying a sanitary scent. Despite these automatic observations, one of the most essential components to keeping this sterile, clean and sanitary environment is not so obvious. HVAC systems are an absolutely critical part to keeping our health care buildings successful and hygienic. These cooling components help to control the air temperature, air pressure, and humidification that is necessary to overall success.

The tricky part of this mission critical scenario is energy efficiency. How do systems have the possibility of saving any energy when a constant, meticulous setting is required 24/7? The systems do have to be constantly working in order to maintain the desired temperature and settings, but reducing the amount of unnecessarily burned resources is a solution. In order to successfully monitor energy and air quality, each building needs to be evaluated to improve system efficiency. Optimization in these health care systems will not only help to improve redundancy and ensure reliability, but help to increase financial savings on wasted resources as well.

Meeting the demand of energy efficiency and reliability in a delicate mission critical scenario is challenging but attainable. tekWorx will evaluate your plant and establish a system energy assessment to create a unique, customized energy solution. Even after this adaptive control solution is in position, tekWorx engineering experts are always available, keeping a close watch on your installation and continuously monitoring to ensure system efficiency.  This is one way we can continue to help the health care system successfully grow in a safe, clean, and environmentally friendly way.

Check out our results page to see how tekWorx has worked to increase annual plant savings, helping an impressive list of companies become truly energy efficient.

Optimizing HVAC in the Growing Health Care System


Hospitals and health systems have become a noticeably booming industry. New health care facilities are sprouting up everywhere, from huge downtown medical districts to local branches in smaller communities. Unfortunately, a hovering cloud of worry follows the excitement for these new developments—expanding or opening these new health care buildings is a very expensive process. There are several components necessary for successful construction, primarily because once these heath systems projects are completed they automatically transition into mission critical situations with no room for error. Because of these mission critical scenarios, extensive research on central plant equipment is necessary in order to determine the most reliable and resilient investment in air and waterside regulation and circulation.

Optimizing these HVAC components is one way to ditch the long term expenses while implementing a quality solution. Saving money on unnecessary utility charges will cut central energy plant costs while keeping the building at the required comfort levels. The newly published Energy Retrofit Guide builds on this concept and outlines ways to optimize outdated and inefficient existing facilities, boosting scalability as well.

tekWorx engineers evaluate, assess, and retrofit old systems to improve redundancy and improve system efficiency. Proper management of utilities and plant operations are critical to keep this thriving health care industry prosperous. HVAC optimization is a way to keep these buildings sterile, safe, and secure for not only the patients, but for the preservation of the equipment and technology as well.

To read about some examples on how health care systems have improved their energy consumption via HVAC improvements check out this article from greenbiz.com!

Retrofitting the Better Buildings Challenge

In 2011 the Obama administration initiated the Better Buildings Challenge, a directive to reduce commercial energy consumption by 20% and to nationally reduce energy by $40 billion by 2020. Unfortunately, finding such savings can be incredibly difficult for buildings when energy hogs remain hidden in faulty lighting, AC, thermostats, furnaces, switches, and fans that malfunction or are altered by human activity. The Better Buildings Challenge has propelled itself back into the spotlight with the recent opening of Seattle’s Bullitt Center in April of 2013. Designed to be 83% more efficient than is typical for a building its size, the Bullitt Center is (self) described as the world’s greenest building. The building works to restore the “natural environment” via solar panels, occupancy sensors, energy emissions, and natural lighting. Regrettably, this architectural marvel does little to provide a roadmap for the energy personnel at existing structures.

Luckily, tekWorx has a successful solution for retrofitting existing facilities. Although an often overlooked area, significant savings are tied to analysis of the chiller plant operations. With at least 30% of all energy costs derived from a building’s cooling system, utilizing tekWorx’s adaptive CEO® system allows facilities to cut their central energy plant costs by as much as 50%. As an added bonus, tekWorx uses a plant’s existing equipment and BMS systems generally eliminating the need for additional capital investments.

To find out how tekWorx can help optimize your central plant and surpass the Better Buildings Challenge reduction goal, fill out our Chiller Plant Evaluation form.

Ohio Scores High in Energy Efficiency in 2013

Every year the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ranks cities and states in terms of energy usage and savings to score the states’ consumption rates, denote improvements, and outline policy initiatives. For 2013, tekWorx home state ofOhio ranked 18th overall with pronounced recognition for its energy improvement implementations. One contributing factor was the capital city of Columbus. The city scored a new rating as the 19th most energy efficient city in America thanks to strict adherence to utility policies, appliance standards, building codes, and vehicle policies.

As a company located in Ohio and focused on commercial energy efficiencies, tekWorx also works to advance the state of Ohio’s energy efficiency. Through mechanical and hydronic evaluations, utilization of existing plant equipment and adaptive control technology, tekWorx strives to reduce energy in Ohio and beyond.

For examples of tekWorx energy reductions check out our Case Studies into energy efficiency.

tekWorx’s Clients Optimize November Sales

Chrysler and GM Nov Sales

The end of November officially marks the end of any retailing slump as Black Friday and continuous holiday sales kick into full gear. This November was particularly profitable for the automotive manufacturing segment, with the majority of automakers reporting positive results across the majority of available models. Two tekWorx clients, Chrysler and General Motors, lead thelist. The Chrysler Group’s November new vehicle sales were up 16%, making this the best November since 2007 and the 44thconsecutive month of sales gains. Similarly, General Motors reported a sales jump of 14% in November, making this the highest performing year of the last six. These record setting numbers can be partially attributed to an increased focus on the energy component of production.

In the past, automotive manufacturers were inherently pushing their plants to the limit for the sake of production goals, while energy efficiency was given much less consideration. tekWorx optimized the central plants for both GM and Chrysler that feed everything from the headquarters, to paint, engine, and assembly shops. tekWorx efforts not only significantly reduced consumption, but afforded six figured energy rebates. Encompassing millions of square feet of production space and producing millions of ton hours, even small energy savings can make an enormous financial impact in the industrial application.

To find out how tekWorx can optimize your central plant, fill out our Chiller Plant Evaluation form.