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Energize Your Bottom Line with a Comprehensive, Complimentary Energy Audit

When hearing the phrase energy audit, do you automatically think a) we did that years ago, or b) it’s not in the budget for this year?

Consider what it would mean for your corporate bottom line if a free energy audit reported that your company could realize an annual savings of 10-50 percent in energy costs? Well-prepared energy audits reveal a range of solutions, while requiring only a minimal investment of corporate time.

The tekWorx energy audit process

At tekWorx, our engineers start the no-risk audit process by performing an onsite evaluation – inspecting the chilled water system piping, equipment and controls, viewing design plans and talking to operators. In addition, the tekWorx team reviews plant chiller logs and bin data to help acquire an overall energy-efficiency baseline.

tekWorx offers a comprehensive energy audit to cut 10-50% in energy costs

Following the information-gathering phase, tekWorx engineers will provide a chilled water (CHW) system performance assessment for your unique plant detailing:

  • How the current CHW system consumes energy, along with a comparison to industry best-practice targets
  • Short, medium and long-term Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
  • Adaptive control strategies for minimizing plant kW/ton
  • Projected investment for savings and a payback target
  • Applicable energy rebates and associated calculations

tekWorx delivers our customers a unique blend of Approachable Expertise®, increasing operational efficiency and reducing energy costs while designing pragmatic solutions to meet their unique needs. As part of the recommended solution, our team seeks to improve energy efficiency by maximizing current equipment instead of making additional capital expenditures.

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To see how tekWorx turns energy audits into real-world results, read our online case studies. Then fill out our Chiller Plant Evaluation Form or contact us to initiate the free, comprehensive audit process.

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Hunting for Energy Efficiency

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The latest in innovative system management for large chilled water systems is derived from the notorious lean manufacturing model developed by Toyota. Only recently working its way into the realm of plant optimization services, this take on kaizen has been adapted by EnergyStar to help commercial/industrial plants reduce CHW pumping electrical energy. Known as treasure hunts, this strategy utilizes cross-functional teams of employees to discover and assess all uses of energy in their facilities. This effort empowers the employees while undertaking a site-wide effort to uncover opportunities for eliminating excessive energy consumption. Energy savings through these treasure hunts has reached the million dollar mark and, at the same time, companies are successfully minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving natural resources. The treasure hunts are typically broken up into four phases: preparation, pre-training, the actual event, and follow-up. Scheduled meetings are set to assess the current conditions of the central plant, document problem/issue areas and assigned them to teams. Lastly, EnergyStar suggested three-day onsite event takes plant in which energy saving opportunities are identified, presented, and later reported on in the follow-up stage.

Many high profile companies, including GE, Merck, and Hanes Brand, have begun using this process, savings big by identifying the ‘low hanging fruit’ that improves energy plant efficiency. These treasure hunts stand apart from a typical energy audit in that employee engagement is at an all-time high during the process, more direct operational improvements can be determined, and minimal capital improvements are required as the team focuses on existing equipment.

tekWorx goes through similar treasure hunts when working with facility employees to discuss central plant conditions and capital expenditure avoidance. Treasure hunts are a great way to find simple, yet impactful reductions in energy consumption without big alterations, perfect for those smaller facilities who are limited in optimization opportunities or those whose budgets don’t allow for a much needed controls retrofit. For everything else, tekWorx has you covered.

To view EnergyStar’s best practices, visit their guide to successful treasure hunts.

tekWorx Optimization is Making Headlines!

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tekWorx was recently consulted for their Approachable Expertise® in chiller plant optimization strategies for ACHR News. In the interview, tekWorx GM Mike Flaherty outlines tekWorx best practices for simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and reclaiming cooling capacity in central plants. With this unique approach, all of the equipment used for cooling production is optimized, especially chillers which are often overlooked by contractors. According to tekWorx, ensuring that all of the cooling equipment (chillers, valves, cooling towers, etc.) is involved in the reduction strategy is key to decreasing energy costs in the long term.

tekWorx focuses its automation and control strategies specifically on these energy intensive components. Flaherty summarizes three phases used in every tekWorx project: an energy audit to lay out what should be done, what it will cost and what it will save, the installation of an adaptive control system to continually optimize total plant kW per ton and ongoing commissioning services to verify performance.

To read the article, please visit ACHR News.

Energy Efficiency Means Budget Efficiency


After a rough winter, many buildings have gone way over their annual energy budgets in order to address the unpredictable changes in weather patterns. Now, budgetary issues are at the forefront as summer is quickly approaching and heating up the energy consumption in chilled water plants. So what can facility managers do to decrease energy costs and get their budgets back into the black? Conducting an energy audit can help to evaluate the current utility expense of a central plant as well as to map out potential energy savings strategies. Energy audits help to outline where the inefficiencies are occurring, pinpointing key areas to focus on when preforming a retrofit.

While the retrofit of a chilled water plant may appear to bust the bank, depleting more funds rather than gaining them, the exact opposite is true when initiated correctly. Retrofits designed to provide a short term payback can boost energy savings, decreasing the total dollars spent on energy throughout the years. In addition, governmentally funded rebate programs and utility company incentive programs decrease the amount of time it takes in order to realize annual plant savings.

tekWorx specializes in chiller plant system retrofits. By implementing adaptive control algorithms, energy efficiency is increased in the long term while short payback periods get energy budgets back on track. By looking for the root causes of wasted energy, tekWorx flushes out the issues that are jacking up utility costs while still meeting the load requirements for the building. Through the use of an innovative PLC-based system, demand is continuously monitored and overall plant kW/ton is improved. To find out how tekWorx can help to increase the energy efficiency in your central plant, fill out our Chiller Plant Evaluation Form.