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How Professor Pump Became a Guiding Force at tekWorx

You sometimes meet people and immediately understand their impact will be felt far and wide for years to come.

Our co-founder Burt Rishel was one of those people. He made his mark in design,Burt Rishel, Co-Founder engineering and writing while influencing those around him with his intelligence, heart and dedication.

A gifted engineer and a captain of the Army Air Corps, his first major achievement was as a principal designer for the CG-10A glider, which became the first Assault Cargo aircraft. Then he found his true professional love – pumping systems –
which earned him the nickname Professor Pump.

Professor Pump first founded Systecon, and then helped launch tekWorx in 2000. He loved designing pumping systems and helping companies operate more efficiently. His work took him across the country, serving as a consultant for the chilled water systems at the Denver International Airport, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Institutes of Health.

A prolific writer of technical articles, he also wrote two influential books: “HVAC Pump Handbook” and “Water Pumps and Pumping Systems.”

“At tekWorx, we are indebted to our co-founder, friend and inspiration. His knowledge made us a pioneer in the field. His mentorship molded us. His customer-first focus motivated us,” says Managing Partner Mike Flaherty.

Burt passed away in August 2013, leaving a legacy that all of us at tekWorx strive to live up to every day.

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In Loving Memory of James B. “Burt” Rishel

rishel_webApril 27, 1920-August 21, 2013

It is with great sadness and very fond memories that we announce the passing of our friend and founder, James “Burt” Rishel this past week. He died peacefully, surrounded by family, at the age of 93.

While saddened at the loss of this remarkable man, we remember what a long and illustrious life he had.  He was the founder of Systecon and later tekWorx, an ASHRAE fellow, and the author of two HVAC books.  Affectionately known to his friends and colleagues as “Professor Pump,” Mr. Rishel’s professional life was devoted to HVAC pumping and chilled water distribution.

In memory of his passing, we’d like to offer a closer look into the life of our dear friend.  After attending the University of Nebraska and becoming a Second Lt. in the Army Field Artillery, Burt transferred to the Army Air Corps to become an engineer working in the Glider Branch of Aircraft Laboratory at Wright Field, Ohio in June 1942.  He was a principal designer for the CG-10A glider, which ultimately became the first Assault Cargo aircraft. In 1945 Burt was given the rank of Captain and in 1946 he left the Air Corps and returned to Lincoln, Nebraska to finish his education and become a Professional Engineer.

Burt was also a very philosophical and inspired individual. A man dedicated to doing the right thing and helping others, his propensity for detail (an obvious and endearing carryover from his engineering mindset) propelled him to delve into more spiritual matters. In fact, he authored a book including a discussion of the nature of space and time, Eternal Infinity.  We are comforted by his own words from this very book as he passes onto his next journey.

tekWorx is committed to furthering Burt’s purpose and honoring his legacy.

What exciting possibilities await us when we complete our life work at the earth level and free ourselves from entrapment in the negatives of this life.” -JBR, Eternal Infinity