Optimizing Smaller-Scale Chilled Water Systems

Adaptive optimization algorithms + insightful energy dashboards to help your site lower energy use  and excess utility costs

The Xpress® System

Typical Applications

  • Hospitality
  • K-12
  • Class A Office Space

Typical Requirements

  • Up to 3 WC or 6 AC chiller
  • Standard hydronics and control
  • Bid/spec project or well-defined retrofit project
  • No commissioning assistance needed
Tekworx dashboard displayed on a desktop computer monitor.

Xpress® Features Includes

  • Adaptive optimization algorithms
  • Site energy efficiency dashboard
  • Niagara 4 framework and platform installed on industrial server or dedicated appliance

Xpress®: Built on Adaptive Optimization Algorithms

tekWorx system optimization modules work together to balance air distribution and chilled water production to maximize total system efficiency.

Air Distribution

Based on tekWorx powerful CEO® technology, this package continuously and automatically minimizes the power required for air distribution and delivery. Proven adaptive control techniques optimize air pressure, flow and temperature (system and zone) while maximizing economization mode and meeting desired space conditions.

Cooling Production & Distribution

These optimization algorithms are responsible for providing efficiency-based chiller plant production equipment calls and chilled water process control setpoints. The CPM will coordinate equipment sequencing and resetting the system setpoints to minimize total cooling system energy usage, thereby optimizing overall system efficiency

Heat Rejection

Optimizes system efficiency by optimizing condenser water process parameters along with pump and cooling tower operation. When water side economization is available, the HRM optimizes mode transition and heat exchange flow and temperature.

Real-time and historical efficiency KPIs for troubleshooting performance related issues and maintaining maximum system efficiency
Real-time system efficiency
performance indicators (KPIs)
Real-time efficiency KPIs for
each equipment group
Empirical (actual) overall and
individual chiller performance
Trended system efficiency vs. goals
Optimized/Sub-Optimized Mode as % of total operation
Trended Energy Usage & Cost vs. Goals and kWh rate

Site Energy Efficiency Dashboard

A real-time look at energy consumption in your plant, the Efficiency Dashboard tracks live plant production, energy, and efficiency values to provide robust reporting features that compare, track and report on metrics important to you.

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Comprehensive Support

tekWorx offers a variety of pre and post project support services to complement the Xpress® optimization solution

  • Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Multi-site Energy Efficiency Visualization
  • Utility Rebate Navigator
  • On-site service, support and training

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Xpress® helps Midwest data center cut energy costs 31%

Adaptive technology continuously optimizes total plant efficiency in real-time without operator intervention.

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