The CEO® Xpress:
Self Performance Chiller Plant Optimization

    • A solution designed from the ground up for self performance or local system integration

      • The CEO® Xpress system

        • Adaptive optimization algorithms
        • Performance dashboard
        • Niagara 4® framework and platform, either
          • Industrial grade server or
          • Niagara 4® dedicated appliance

        Recommended Applications

        • Up to 3 WC or 6 AC chillers
        • Standard hydronics and control
        • Bid/spec project or well-defined retrofit project
        • No commissioning assistance needed


    Need more support?

    tekWorx offers a variety of pre and post project support services to complement the Xpress optimizaton solution


        ✓  Design assistance and energy analysis

        ✓ Performance baseline generator

        ✓  Utility rebate navigator

        ✓ tekWatch® monitor

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    CEO® Xpress helped a data center cut costs 31%

    Adaptive technology continuously optimizes total plant efficiency in real-time without operator intervention.

      • Situation

        • Comfort and data center cooling
        • 2 independent plants, each in Variable/Primary configuration
        • Plant 1: 3(250) ton Daikin chillers
        • Plant 2: 2(500) ton Daikin chillers
        • Baseline efficiency: .95 kW/ton


      • Solution

        • Coordinated both plant operations to optimize total cooling system efficiency
        • All chillers, pumps and cooling towers optimized with CEO® Xpress technology
        • CEO® Xpress tied to existing BAS via BACnet for trending/alarming
        • All other site functions remained with BAS
      • Results

        • kW/ton reduced to .70
        • 6 year payback
        • $22,000 rebate
        • Equipment operating at most efficient point, reducing system wear and tear
        • Operators freed up to perform other job tasks
        • CEO® Xpress user interface improves diagnostics and troubleshooting



    Optimize Existing Facilities and New Plants

    tekWorx can help retrofit your existing plant to account for ever-evolving operational demands and ensure new chilled water plants are designed efficiently in the first place.

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