Pragmatic solutions to maximize the use of your existing mechanical equipment and controls to minimize your project budget

    • You’ll find tekWorx family of CEO® solutions saving energy in a wide variety of critical applications including pharmaceutical and automotive plants, data centers, commercial office buildings and hospitals – anywhere facility owners and managers seek to increase efficiency and recover lost capacity.



Meet the Control Engine Optimization (CEO®) Family of Solutions

    • CEO® Xpress Panel Kit

      • CORE™ algorithms energy dashboard
      • Field configured
      • Optional services below
    • CEO® Xpress Server Kit

      • Industrial grade server panel kit – optional
      • CORE™ algorithms
        energy dashboard
      • Field configured
      • Optional services
    • CEO® Pro & ProPlus

      • Client provided
      • CORE™ algorithms
        energy dashboard
      • Factory configured
      • Includes services
        listed below
    • ✓  Design assistance and energy analysis

      ✓ Performance baseline generator

      ✓  Utility rebate navigator

      ✓ tekWatch® monitor



The Niagara based CEO® suite of solutions works with any BAS or PLC-based chiller plant control system.

    • Integrated N4 Appliance
      • tekWorx configured


      • Jace 8000, Embedded N4® – other options available
      • CEO® .JAR files
      • tekWatch® .JAR files


      • Recommended Application

      ✓ Local execution

      ✓ Windows/PC not permitted

      ✓ 2-year trend storage

    • Integrated N4 Supervisor
      • tekWorx configured


      • Industrial PC
      • N4® & Windows 10 licenses
      • CEO® .JAR files


      • Recommended Application

      ✓ On-premise execution

      ✓ Windows/PC required or  preferred

      ✓ 5-year trend storage

    • Hosted Software License
      • Partner configured


      • CEO® .JAR files
      • tekWatch® .JAR files
      • N4® & Windows 10 licenses from 3rd party
      • Single use or multi-site


      • Recommended Application

      ✓ Enterprise deployment

      ✓ Multiple CEO® sites

      ✓ Unlimited trend storage



Want to learn more?

    • Learn About Total Support Services to Complement Any CEO® Solution

      • System review and energy analysis
      • Performance baseline development
      • tekWatch® Analytics and Monitoring
      • Utility rebate support
      • Remote and on-site maintenance

      Support Solutions & Services

    • Schedule a Complementary Chiller Plant Evaluation and Consultation

      We make it easy to get an idea of your plant’s potential energy savings.  Get in touch for an energy payback analysis and project scope that optimizes the use of your existing infrastructure and your budget.


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