• Operating under our Approachable Expertise® philosophy, tekWorx provides customized energy saving solutions that maximize the use of your existing equipment and minimize implementation downtime.

      Our experienced and accessible tekWorx engineers will work beside you from project start to completion, creating real-time adaptive control technology solutions specifically designed to reduce the cooling costs in your plant. Our CEO® and COACH® solutions can be implemented via two options based on the state of your current control system:

      Supervisory Control Configuration – Best suited for existing control systems in good condition but not providing adequate optimization or applications sensitive to disruption. In this configuration, field devices remain physically connected to the BAS while adaptive algorithms determine equipment operation to minimize kW/ton and write values to BAS for execution.

      Direct Control Configuration – Most cost-effective option for plants without a control system or plants that would require significant updates to the BAS. In this configuration, tekWorx PLC I/O modules directly connect to equipment and instrumentation to execute real-time optimization algorithms.

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