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How to Combat Higher Energy Prices – Today and Tomorrow

2017 is shaping up to be a volatile year in electrical prices.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is predicting higher prices for electricity, driven by higher than expected natural gas prices. Natural gas prices could soar because of rising exports to
Mexico and production that’s predicted to fall for the first time since 2005.

Natural gas generates more electricity in the United States than other fuel sources, making it a key driver in pricing. Other significant factors that could affect the variability of natural gas prices include:

  • Natural gas supply realignment – reserves fell below five-year averages at the end of 2016 after being near all-time highs through most of the year
  • Changing weather predictions – lower heating demand could check natural gas price recovery in the short term

How you can save on energy costs

With surging prices, it’s now even more crucial to find energy savings where you can. At tekWorx, we provide energy-saving solutions – for any size plant, any mechanical configuration and any control system.

In fact, our proven optimization solutions can cut energy costs up to 50%. Learn more about our larger chiller optimization or our smaller chiller optimization solutions and put the Approachable Expertise® of tekWorx to work for you.

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Contact us with your energy-saving questions and see how we can partner together to achieve a comprehensive chiller plant optimization solution. Plus, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn  for our most up-to-date news and events.


Chillin’ in the New Year

As we kick off 2017, tekWorx and our clients have a lot to celebrate. We’ve worked together to implement chilled water optimization solutions that have cut energy usage and amped up cost savings at their facilities. Here are the highlights:

2016: At a glance

Nissan upgraded their cooling efficiency at a critical vehicle assembly plant without manufacturing downtime using tekWorx innovative hydronic design and adaptive Control Engine Optimization® solution. The result: Cut energy costs by 40% with a 2-year payback.

For UNC’s Charlotte campus, Ameresco requested our hydronic expertise and an adaptive Control Engine Optimization CEO® system that exceed the original kW/ton reduction targets. The result: Cut cooling costs by 30% under performance contract.

Year in and year out, you can count on Approachable Expertise® from our team of highly skilled engineers who will design, install and support your unique chiller plant solution.

New year, new products

Cut out handwritten log sheets and get the technology that self-diagnoses any problems for you.

Our clients can expect 2017 to bring them even stronger results with our new chiller optimization technology tools and resources. First up, ChillerCheck®  ̶  our smart, efficient and fast way to root out refrigerant leaks or fouled coils and tubes that turn into major energy hogs:

  • Collects and analyzes key chiller parameters
  • Determines if the chiller is operating within specs
  • Provides real-time alerts and suggests corrective action
  • Calculates the inefficiencies’ cost impact

Did you know? Chillers can lose up to 30% efficiency and still appear to operate adequately.

For more information on chilled water optimization solutions

We hope 2017 is a fantastic year for our clients and we look forward to creating efficiencies for our current and new customers alike. Contact us ith your next project request and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the most up-to-date news and events.


Financial Opportunities in Energy Efficiency

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Deutsche Bank estimates that, due to the tremendous opportunities apparent in energy efficiency, an investment of $289 billion in retrofitting buildings across the United States would result in energy savings in excess of $1 trillion. This equates to three dollars in savings produced for every dollar used to optimize facilities. Although many companies become dismayed by high upfront costs, retrofitting existing facilities goes a long way toward buildings’ bottom line, satisfying both shareholders and management.

One of the largest consumers of commercial energy is air conditioning units, representing up to 30% of all plant energy expenditures. As predicted by Deutsche Bank, retrofitting these buildings for greater energy efficiency means more money for the company in the long run, especially when optimizing chiller plants using tekWorx advanced CEO® system. Designed on an industrial PLC platform, tekWorx system focuses on increasing efficiencies, recovering lost capacity, and improving redundancy through adaptive control algorithms. Complete our Chiller Plant Evaluation Form today to find out how much tekWorx can save your building.

Fantastic Articles in Energy Efficiency

At tekWorx we’ve been keeping up our reading list the last few weeks on some of our favorite blogs and sites, tracking the best stories in energy efficiency.

What could the future bring for energy audits? Greentech Media has an article exploring the differences and effectiveness of virtual energy auditing.

In a similar vein, the idea of creating effective tools for reporting and analytics is gaining new perspectives for success. GreenBiz highlights the LEADR formula and looks at key attributes for successful and functional energy analytics tools.

Abel at The Controls Freak puts out some awesome content regularly, and we’ve once again been featured on the blog with one of our Ask an Engineer articles! If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out!

Stay tuned for more great articles and more Approachable Expertise!

More Great Stories in Energy Efficiency

Our Approachable Engineers like to share some of their recent favorite blogs and stories covering energy efficiency from around the web.

Greentech Media always provides some fascinating insight into energy efficiency. In case you may have missed some of their summer stories, they’ve rounded up their top ten clean energy articles.

Here on our blog, we’ve talked about the importance of energy benchmarking before. Environmental Leader looks at a new report highlighting the importance of life cycle costing in energy benchmarking for smart buildings.

Also, our second Ask an Engineer on Demand Charges has been featured on The Controls Freak this week! We’re excited to continue working with the site and we hope to field more questions soon!

Stay tuned for more Approachable Expertise!


Great Stories in Energy Efficiency

Here are some of our favorite stories in energy efficiency from the past few weeks:

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more stories and updates! Stay tuned for more Approachable Expertise!

tekWorx Road Diaries: The “Portable Office”

Sometimes the road can get hard for our Approachable Engineers. Bringing Chiller Plant Efficiency all over the country can take a toll, especially when it comes to setting up what’s necessary when we come to the plant. Thankfully, one of our engineers, Ryan Cowan, was able to improvise what we’ve taken to calling the “Portable Office”

Stay tuned for more pictures from the road and more Approachable Expertise!
Stay tuned for more pictures from the road and more Approachable Expertise!

Some of Our Favorite Energy Efficiency Stories – July 2013

Here’s some our favorite stories, blogs and posts from the Month of July:

Will Microgrids Save Us From the Zombie Apocalypse? – We recently featured this on our recent tekWords newsletter, but we wanted to highlight this piece addressing the importance of control systems and smart grids in saving humanity in the event of the Zombie uprising. (via GreenBiz)

Utilities Enter the Age of Social Media – As the power of websites like Twitter and Facebook grow, so does the power of users who want to interact with companies online. Can utility companies keep up moving forward in the age of social media? (via Greentech Media)

Is 3D Printing a Positive for Environmental Energy Efficiency? – 3D Printing is arguably the hottest tech concept of the past several years in terms of its manufacturing potential. Could it also be considered clean and environmentally friendly technology, even with its potential for extensive energy usage? (via GreenBiz)

Ohio State University’s Unique Chilled Water Plant Façade – Inside is a new chilled water system; outside is a work of art made from dichroic glass. (via PSFK)

Also, check out The Controls Freak today to see fantastic content on control systems. Our “Ask an Engineer” article on DP Sensors was featured on the site recently!

Stay tuned for more Approachable Expertise!

The Role of Chiller Plant Efficiency in Health Care

Everything from cleaning supplies to building design has been evaluated for health care facilities as they strive to gain greater energy efficiency. However, Colin H. Rohlfing, a senior sustainable design leader at HOK in Chicago, sees the potential for efficiency advancement in chiller plants.  He even states:

“Make sure your chillers and boilers are as efficient as possible. If you can take your money and put it into the central utility plant, you’ll get a much better payback for your hospital,”

View more on the entire article at HFM Magazine, including the importance of demand-response systems in the power grid.

For more on the importance of chiller plant efficiency in health care:

TekWorx CEO® System has been able to bring energy efficiency to central plants in various health care centers .See how tekWorx chiller plant expertise can work for your plant through continual commissioning and adaptive control technology.

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