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Chillin’ in the New Year

As we kick off 2017, tekWorx and our clients have a lot to celebrate. We’ve worked together to implement chilled water optimization solutions that have cut energy usage and amped up cost savings at their facilities. Here are the highlights:

2016: At a glance

Nissan upgraded their cooling efficiency at a critical vehicle assembly plant without manufacturing downtime using tekWorx innovative hydronic design and adaptive Control Engine Optimization® solution. The result: Cut energy costs by 40% with a 2-year payback.

For UNC’s Charlotte campus, Ameresco requested our hydronic expertise and an adaptive Control Engine Optimization CEO® system that exceed the original kW/ton reduction targets. The result: Cut cooling costs by 30% under performance contract.

Year in and year out, you can count on Approachable Expertise® from our team of highly skilled engineers who will design, install and support your unique chiller plant solution.

New year, new products

Cut out handwritten log sheets and get the technology that self-diagnoses any problems for you.

Our clients can expect 2017 to bring them even stronger results with our new chiller optimization technology tools and resources. First up, ChillerCheck®  ̶  our smart, efficient and fast way to root out refrigerant leaks or fouled coils and tubes that turn into major energy hogs:

  • Collects and analyzes key chiller parameters
  • Determines if the chiller is operating within specs
  • Provides real-time alerts and suggests corrective action
  • Calculates the inefficiencies’ cost impact

Did you know? Chillers can lose up to 30% efficiency and still appear to operate adequately.

For more information on chilled water optimization solutions

We hope 2017 is a fantastic year for our clients and we look forward to creating efficiencies for our current and new customers alike. Contact us ith your next project request and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the most up-to-date news and events.


Mission Critical Is Not Mission Impossible for tekWorx

Mission Impossible-resized-600

Reliance on technology in both our personal and professional lives continues to grow exponentially. Without immediate access to telecommunication or data, businesses dependent upon technical operations can experience financial catastrophe. From a mechanical perspective, these mission critical systems are all fighting against their greatest threat- overheating. Unfortunately, this foe is often addressed in ways that waste energy and trigger unnecessarily high energy costs.

A common cause of plant inefficiencies is low ∆ T, a condition that forces the CHW pumps to work harder than necessary to produce the needed cooling. The issues compounds itself as operators simply turn on an additional chiller when one is actually enough to ensure cooling needs are met if it is sequenced properly. Working to optimize these chiller sets is of vital importance to mission critical systems, particularly in cases where there isn’t an additional chiller to turn on or the CapEx budget for new equipment doesn’t exist.

tekWorx hydronic AND mechanical expertise has created innovative solutions that address the complexity of these mission critical systems by continually sequencing the best combination of systems components. tekWorx adaptive control algorithms optimize the system, lowering kW/ton and eliminating unnecessary equipment wear and tear to drastically improve chiller average efficiency. The best part? Mission critical facilities experience very little, if any, downtime during the tekWorx changeovers. tekWorx uses innovative approaches to phase into the retrofit so there is no disruption to the cooling system.

To find out how tekWorx can implement adaptive algorithms to cut energy costs with minimal plant disruption, fill out our Chiller Plant Evaluation Form.