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    Facility Bio

    • Chicago, IL
    • 464 bed hospital
    • 6 x 1,250 ton centrifugal chillers
    • 3 variable speed secondary loops
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    • JCI Solutions Group and Cook County, IL engaged in comprehensive energy performance contract
    • Plant experiencing inefficiencies inherent to Primary-Secondary design including:
      • low ΔT
      • high kW/ton
    • Each secondary loop equipped with bypass and inefficient return temperature control
    • Manual control  through Metasys HMI
  • Solution

    • Convert dedicated constant speed primary pumping to variable speed configuration
    • Replace two constant speed chillers with VFD chillers
    • Modify secondary loop pump/bypass operation to coordinate with plant flow
    • Install VFDs on dedicated constant speed condenser pumps
    • Install tekWorx adaptive Control Engine Optimization® system and fully automate operation

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

  • Financial Results

    • $250,000 in annual energy savings
    • 3-year project payback
  • Energy Impact

    • 3,000,000 kWh saved annually
    • .31 kW/ton efficiency improvement
  • Operational Benefits

    • Fully automated operation increased reliability
    • Operators freed up for other tasks
    • Increased reliability
    • Remote troubleshooting

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