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Finding energy solutions that will be worth the time and effort can be intimidating. A successful search requires a smart, realistic, and curious approach. It’s easy to fall into the advertising traps of the cheapest, most convenient, or most heavily promoted products. Despite these tricks, however, it’s important to remember that just because the shoe fits doesn’t mean you should wear it.

An essential factor to consider while searching for this perfect fit is scalability, a factor indicative of a smart, long-term investment. It’s bad enough buying something that’s overpriced or whose inner-workings are unclear, but discovering a recent investment will soon be outdated or inefficient faster than initially planned is even worse. This is especially significant when it comes to HVAC systems and those in sensitive mission critical situations. Retrofitting central plant equipment in mission critical conditions means, in most cases, the system would be required to be temporarily shut down. Many of these plants do not upgrade their equipment or do small fixes that don’t really impact the bottom line. Finding scalable solutions that can be successfully implemented is a major challenge—after all, time is money!

tekWorx CEO® perfectly embraces this need for scalability by providing a strong plant optimization solution in a short implementation time. tekWorx has developed and patented a proven system integration approach that limits and/or eliminates the amount of time the plant would have to be out of service to optimize its chilled water system. tekWorx proprietary Integrated Primary/Secondary system® addresses sensitive application environment’s inability to shut down while recovering lost capacity and delivering effective energy optimization.

Check out our client results to see how scalability and downtime have been effectively addressed to provide energy solutions to major Fortune 500 Companies.