Major Data Center Avoids $3.5M in CapEx with Xpress® System

tekWorx innovative optimization strategy lowers operating costs and increases cooling capacity without installing more chillers.

Facility Bio

  • Tier 3 facility in Northeast US
  • Modular packaged plant
  • 3,600 ton initial capacity, expandable to 7,200 tons
  • Traditional Primary-Secondary pumping
  • No optimization sequence in place


  • Cooling capacity expansion initiated to meet server load growth
  • Additional chiller plant modules exceeded client budget and delivery time
  • tekWorx identified unusable current capacity due to low ΔT and excess flow


  • Convert to full variable flow to:
    • raise ΔT
    • improve chiller loading
    • recover unusable chiller capacity
  • Implement tekWorx CEO® system to minimize overall kW/ton
  • Provided opportunity for redundant PLC upgrade

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

Financial Savings

  • $3.5 million CapEx avoidance on additional chiller sets
  • $167,000 annual energy savings
  • 1-year payback

Energy Impact

  • 4.7 million kWh saved annually
  • 0.31 kW/ton efficiency improvement

Operational Benefits

  • No integration downtime
  • PLC control system upgraded to full N+1 redundancy
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