Composites Plant Cuts Water Use by 4 Million Gallons Annually  

Xpress® dramatically reduces site water use in chilled water plant expansion

Facility Bio

  • Mumbai, India 
  • Fiber glass manufacturing plant



  • Corporate mandate to reduce manufacturing energy intensity
  • Growing demand required construction of new 5,000 ton chilled water plant
  • Needed energy efficient design service and optimization solution for new plant


  • Design and implement Variable Primary hydronic design to allow system flow to be varied according to the cooling load
  • Implement Xpress® on Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs. System ensures maximum system efficiency in real‐time while maintaining cooling requirements at the lowest total kW/ton
  • Installation includes Energy Efficiency Performance Dashboard 


Results That Exceed Client Expectations

Financial Savings

  • Annual energy costs reduced by $117,000 over pre-construction estimates
  • 3 year project payback

Energy Impact

  • 4,300,000 gallons of water saved annually


Operational Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency Performance Dashboard provides an instant look at system performance. Includes real-time kW and kW/ton performance for each piece of major equipment as well as those of the total chilled water system.


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