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    Facility Bio

    • Spring Hill, TN
    • 7 million ft²
    • Vehicle assembly, power train manufacturing and stamping operations
    • 27,000 tons cooling capacity
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    • Central plant serving all manufacturing operations
    • Mission critical cooling production, no downtime permitted during upgrade
    • Primary-Secondary system with typical conditions and associated performance:
      • low CHW ΔT
      • high kW/ton
      • High system pressure
    • Outdated PLC plant control system; no optimization or automation
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    • Convert plant hydronic configuration to Integrated Primary-Secondary® with modulating bypass valve
    • Convert condenser pumps to variable flow
    • Implement adaptive Control Engine Optimization(CEO®) system on new Rockwell PLC platform
    • Execute detailed project planning and transition schedule to avoid cooling production interruption
    • Establish VPN connection for remote monitoring and maintenance support

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

  • Financial Savings

    • $729,000 in annual savings
    • Eligible for $500,000 TVA Utility Rebate
    • 2.8 year payback
    • 1.2 year payback with rebate
  • Energy Impact

    • 11,100,000 kWh saved annually
    • .31 kW/ton energy efficiency improvement
  • Operational Benefits

    • Equipment experiences less wear and tear
    • Operators freed up for other tasks
    • Automated system now controls all plant equipment
    • ChillerCheck® alerts staff to take preventive maintenance actions

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