• facility bio

    Facility Bio

    • 40-story office building
    • 1 million sq. feet of office space and data center
  • case study situation


    • BAS system required update
    • Company sought additional energy savings, operational improvements and energy rebates
    • Required control and optimization system through one provider
  • case study solution


    • Replace existing automation system with PLC-based Control Engine Optimization (CEO®) system
    • Use adaptive control algorithms to:
      • Regulate the speed and sequencing of CHW distribution pumps
      • Determine most efficient chillers to run

Results That Exceed Client Expectations

  • chiller plant optimization savings

    Financial Savings

    • $99,074 annual energy cost savings
    • $12,000 utility rebate
    • 24-month payback


  • chiller plant optimization energy savings

    Energy Impact

    • 81% decrease in energy usage
    • More than 1,650,000 kWh saved annually

  • Chilled water plant optimization operational benefits

    Operational Benefits

    • Fully integrated BAS system to work more efficiently
      • Inefficient machine identified and taken offline
    • No manual intervention
    • Automatic transition to/from free cooling

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