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    Facility Bio

      • St. Petersburg, FL
      • 480 bed hospital
      • Four (4) York chillers
      • 2,400 tons installed cooling capacity
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    • Traditional Primary- Secondary hydronic system
    • Plant piping configuration created low ΔT and high flow problems
    • JCI Metasys building automation system with standard sequence, no optimization
    • Frequent manual intervention required
  • Solution

    • Convert system to full variable flow
    • Reconfigure tertiary pumps to alleviate system pressure problems and eliminate wasted energy
    • Integrate supervisory Control Engine Optimization (CEO®) solution with Metasys system

Results that exceed client expectations

  • Financial Savings

    • $125,000 in annual energy savings
    • 2.1-year payback
  • Energy Impact

    • >1,500,000 kWh saved annually
    • .40 kW/ton efficiency improvement
  • Operational Benefits

    • All major equipment remained in operation during commissioning
    • Remote access enabled better window into the system
    • Minimized manual operator intervention

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