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Put on sunscreen. Drink plenty of water. Make sure your chiller plant is operating at 100% efficiency…wait, what?

Summer is the most important season for chiller plant efficiency. Optimization is a key element because an efficient chiller plant can quell the strain of the heat on both your plant and your wallet.

One follower asked:

“Are there any additional benefits to chiller plant optimization in the summer? Where can I actually see the results?”

A fantastic question! Here’s some insight from our founder, Burt Rishel:

You’ll see the results in your utilities bills! Chiller plant optimization saves year round by bringing down the total plant kW/ton. In the summer, the demand charge, in $/kW, is where the additional savings lie: chiller plant optimization can lower your highest total point of kW consumption. This, in turn, reflects on the demand charge, lowering the ratchet point set by your highest consumption and bringing costs down.

tekWorx understands just how important chiller plant efficiency can be not only in the summer months but year round. Take a look at a few of our case studies in chiller plant efficiency and see the projects that our CEO® system keeps working well all summer long.

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