When you’re looking for an expert, you want to work with the Einsteins of the industry. But what happens when you get an Einstein who can’t explain their innovations or play nicely with your operators?

When it comes to chilled water systems, tekWorx offers a unique blend of Approachable Expertise®, increasing operational efficiency and reducing energy costs while partnering clients with pragmatic and available experts.

The tekWorx team of experienced engineers constantly delivers customized solutions and services, but their dedication doesn’t stop there. They pride themselves on being accessible and collaborative during all the phases of chilled water plant optimization projects, on plants small and large.

Our chilled water optimization process and expertise:

  1. Qualify & Quantify Through an online or on-site System Energy Assessment (SEA), our engineers thoroughly review your chilled water system’s infrastructure, operating history and equipment to provide a detailed energy payback analysis.
  2. Flexible Design & Installation We don’t believe a one-size-fits-all solution can truly optimize a plant. Instead, our team designs a solution utilizing your existing equipment and unique layout and tekWorx adaptive control algorithms to ensure continuous, real-time efficiency.
  3. Monitor & Verify Our work doesn’t end with system installation and startup. After comprehensive operator training, remote communication and monitoring capabilities allow our engineers to be available at all times.

tekWorx solutions are easily integrated into plants of all types – pharmaceutical sites, automotive plants, telecom centers, hospitals, college campuses and more – and all mechanical configurations.

See how we cut cooling costs by 40% and earned a $800,000 utility rebate for an auto plant, all while providing superior support and service.

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