Typical Approach: Make enough cold water only on a design day

tekWorx Approach: Meet demand every day at the lowest kW/ton

Want to get started? Here's how we work.

Site Assessment

It takes less than 5 minutes.

The first step in the assessment process is an easy-to-complete online form. Intended to provide a general indication of a system’s optimization potential in a minimal amount of time, this weather vane report includes a scope of recommended changes to improve kW/ton and an estimate of the associated energy savings.

When the assessment shows promising energy savings, a dedicated tekWorx system application engineer is assigned to your project to review the mechanical configuration, control strategy operating parameters and payback needs to confirm project viability.

Filling out the form at the link below us gives us enough information about your plant to send you a preliminary savings report like the one shown.

Design + Install

When a site assessment reveals a project with the required payback, tekWorx becomes part of the implementation team.

tekWorx designs and installs our family of optimization solutions, integrating with your new or existing plant control system and supporting the mechanical and electrical subcontractors as needed.

Built on the industry-standard Niagara® platform for maximum flexibility and chiller plant control system independence, the CEO® monitors all process values in real-time to optimize operations with its adaptive algorithms.

The result: continuous, on-line adjustments that minimize total plant kW/ton without operator intervention.

Monitor + Verify

You continue to benefit from tekWorx Approachable Expertise even after project completion with ongoing support programs and analytic tools such as tekWatch, our analytics package designed specifically for chiller plant optimization.

We also offer remote and on-site support programs to fit your specific facility needs. tekWorx engineers regularly check system efficiency, operator logs, alarm history and trend logs to provide notification of any recommended training and maintenance.

Which Solution is Right for Me?

tekWorx solutions work with any BAS or PLC system to maximize the efficiency of any chilled water system-new or existing, small or large, with any chiller type and size, in any hydronic configuration.