tekWorx Provides Comprehensive Performance Monitoring, Training and Maintenance Plans to Fit Your Plant's Unique Needs

    • System installation and startup is just the beginning of an on-going commitment to customer support. The CEO®’s remote communication capabilities ensure your plant‘s efficiency stays optimized through continuous commissioning of key system performance parameters and monitoring of operator interaction.


Pre-Project Services

tekWorx provides comprehensive pre-project planning and support services

      • On-site walk-through
      • System Review and Energy Analysis
        • Design review + operations analysis
        • Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) + estimated budget
        • Projected Energy Savings
      • Utility rebate documentation
        • Rebate research
        • Application assistance
        • Design + performance support




Implementation Services

System installation and startup is just the beginning of an on-going commitment to customer support

      • On-site commissioning
      • Project management
      • Energy Dashboard
      • Baseline Generation
        • Baseline data file + report
        • Performance dashboard
        • Setup assistance


Post-Project Services

tekWorx suite of support services ensures your plant efficiency stays optimized long after commissioning

      • tekWatch Analytic & Diagnostic Services
        • Monetization of fault correction
        • Multi site performance comparison + data consolidation
        • Individual chiller health monitoring + alerts
      • Chiller Health Reports
      • Remote + on-site maintenance programs


tekWatch Analytic & Diagnostic Services

tekWorx provides comprehensive analytic and support services specifically designed for chiller plants

    • tekWatch® is the perfect analytic complement to the CEO® real-time adaptive optimization algorithms. With its Niagara 4® architecture, tekWatch® also easily integrates with other chiller plant control systems to improve operational insights and plant energy performance.

      The analytic tools include:


      • Real-time, historical monitoring + verification
      • Equipment diagnostics, alerts and corrective actions
      • Enterprise-wide, multisite comparison/consolidation
      • Trending/reporting export for external analysis

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