• Plant Assessment

      • Plant assessment

        Intended to provide a general indication of a system’s optimization potential in a minimal amount of time,  tekWorx online assessment form is easy to complete.

        Once submitted, our engineers will provide a high level report that includes a scope of recommended changes to improve kW/ton, an estimate of the associated energy savings and project payback and all the necessary backup to support a funding or rebate request.

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      • Design & Install

        • When a plant assessment reveals a project with the required payback, tekWorx becomes part of the implementation team. In addition to supporting the mechanical and electrical sub-contractors, we design, develop and install our adaptive Control Engine Optimization solution (CEO®).

          Built on an industrial PLC platform for maximum reliability and BAS control system independence, the CEO® monitors all process values in real-time to control and optimize operations.

          The result: continuous, on-line adjustments that minimize kW/ton without operator intervention.

        • Design and Install project
          • Post-installation Support

          • post-installation support
          • tekWorx Approachable Expertise® continues after project completion with a variety of support tools including our Energy Dashboard and ChillerCheck®. We also offer both remote and on-site support programs to fit your specific facility needs.

            If you can provide remote access, tekWorx engineers can regularly check system efficiency, operator logs, alarm history and trend logs and provide you with a general system health report.

            Remote connection not possible? tekWorx engineers can come on-site and offer the same diagnostic services and perform any needed training and maintenance.

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